Your God Story

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When you share your God story, you encourage others! You encourage them to share Jesus. You encourage them to pray. You encourage them to help another person. You encourage them to keep moving forward. You can share your story anytime by calling the listener line at 855-919-KAVX (5289)

Thank You


Once again “THANK YOU!” You have made a difference with your gift during Shareathon! That gift is more than monetary – it involves those volunteers that gave their time for 3 days! Answering the phones, praying, hospitality, make verification phone calls, mailing letters, and cleaning up all make for a successful Shareathon. Thanks to the […]

Extraordinary Kids


School begins next week. With it comes some remarkable stories. Stories of Extraordinary Kids. Kids that do acts of kindness, volunteer, work, and stand up for what is right are the kind of kids that should be recognized. Take some time to help recognize these Extraordinary Kids and everyday during the first week of school […]