Making a Difference!

0229sec making a difference

Insecure? You’re not alone. Millions of people admit to being insecure. Remain that way and you’ll live in the shadows. Always wishing, never doing. Fortunately there’s an answer. God, through KAVX, helps you make a difference. You guys are doing such a great job at of serving people and reaching out and giving encouragement. That’s […]

It Takes a Team to Build


Building a home requires different materials and skilled workers to work together to make a complete structure. Wood and carpenters, pvc and plumbers, wire and electricians, and brick and masons all working as a team – each is a building block. KAVX is just one building block too – working alongside churches, businesses, non-profits and […]

Want to Help?

1116ter krew

You can help KAVX get ready for the holidays It’s almost Thanksgiving. That means the Lufkin downtown Christmas Parade isn’t far behind. In fact, it’s on November 30th. You could help decorate the KAVX parade float and walk in the parade. Manger Network is sorting toys on December 10th and distributing on the 12th. It’s […]