Sanctity of Human Life Month


There are all kinds of great causes! Recycling! Save the whales! Adopt a pet! Clean water for African nations – all really great things to support. But real support begins before birth. It’s sanctity of human life month . Please pray, volunteer, and support the local crisis pregnancy centers. Pregnancy Help Center in Lufkin. Heartbeat […]

30 day Challenge


No matter where you are in life, the 30 day challenge can change it all! The 30 day challenge – changing one life at a time. Starting with yours! Challenge yourself. Listen for 30 days and see the difference in your life. Challenge your friends and family to listen and see the difference in them […]

30 Day Challenge


Administrative Asst. Terri recently shared her own 30 Day Challenge Story. She accidently came across KAVX when her regular radio station was off-the-air. She got up, retuned the radio, and sat back down. After a few minutes she realized it was Christian radio. She has been listening ever since. Challenge your family and friends to […]