The Message in the Sounds


Sometimes you may hear a Christmas song from an artist that’s a bit different from what you normally hear. Christmas is a joyous season of celebration about the birth of Jesus Christ. When you hear these songs you should cover them in prayer because they can attract people who don’t normally listen to Christian radio. […]

In the Mail


Carol has a powerful story. It’s a true story about redemption, love and grace. It’s the timeless story of God’s love for each and every one of us and His plan to redeem us through Jesus Christ. Carol is just one more person whose life is part of this amazing story you are helping write. […]

Summer is almost over


The dawn is coming later and the evenings are ending sooner. Summer camp, Vacation Bible School, Revivals, and family vacations have come and gone. Life is like a summer vacation. You may think we have plenty of time left, but the Bible says life is like vapor, dust and fragile flowers. Everything fades more quickly […]