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You can make a difference! You might be surprised by what you could do and the gift you have to offer to change lives. One thing you could do is support the recognition of those that are making a difference! On August 11th, the Community Impact Award Gala will honor the outstanding volunteer, philanthropist, non-profit […]

Please, Take Us With You!


Summertime may have you outdoors more! A trip to the lake, the mountains, or hiking on the trail doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite Christian radio station behind. And staying inside the cabin or condo with the a/c running doesn’t mean you have to leave us behind either. No matter where you’re going […]

It Sure Does Fly!


Look around you and see all the changes made in the past 30 years. 30 years ago you didn’t have children or grandchildren. 30 years ago you were planning your retirement for 30 years into the future. 30 years ago you didn’t have a cell phone or satellite TV. 30 years ago there was no […]