Volunteers Needed.


We’re looking! Looking high and low. Searching here and there. Searching every where! So… what are we looking for? Volunteers! Listeners just like you that love ministry and don’t mind helping out from time to time. If you like to join The Krew… our family of volunteers, then call Jennifer today at 800 944 8443. […]

What your gift means!


What happens when you give to this ministry? More than just what you hear on the radio! Behind the scene testimonies say that listening encourages you to be an imitator of Jesus; to abandon worldly ways and be the light of Christ. Listeners say there is an anointing – that it’s inspired. Give a blessing; […]

Help You Help Someone Else


  Many people around the world were a bit apprehensive about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st 2012. There was talk about doomsday, the end of the world, and Armageddon. But the 21st came… and went… and on the 22nd everyone went about “business as usual”. At 91.9 KAVX, we don’t put […]