Your Busy Life!

0829pri busy life

Between school, work and other things in life, you have a busy life! Hmmm… Slow down there. Take a step back. And think about meaningful things in your life… like family, friends and KAVX. “While I’d like to tell you that I start every day with prayer and meditation, let’s be honest:  sometimes that “prayer […]

God is in control!

0829sec God is in control

“Lately, we have been hit with some heavy medical bills and unexpected issues.  The Lord keeps reminding us that He is in control not our circumstances and to look to Him for the blessings in our lives.  One of those blessings is this radio station.  We are so thankful to support a ministry that touches […]

Celebrate God’s love for you

0822pri celebrate God

When you support KAVX, you become a part of a body of believers who encourage people each day. The Christian teaching and talk programs on KAVX speak into hearts of the hurting and tell of God’s goodness and grace. God works through your support to minister to His people.  As tears filled my eyes the […]