Sharing with others!

0822sec sharing with others

Sunday’s awesome… right? You get up, get ready, and head to church to listen, learn, fellowship, and pray. But when you’ve sung the last praise song, and they turn off the lights and lock the doors. In those hours you’re away from Church,  God gives you KAVX! Your heart renewed… Your life impacted with the […]

Your make it possible!

0829ter you make it possible

Everyone has their own reason for financially supporting KAVX. Some simple: “I like the ministry through the teaching and talk programs!” Some complex: “It’s a good investment of my resources… a great outreach for Christ!” The best reason…  Your reason! You’re the reason KAVX exist to begin with. You’re the reason for PrayerWorks, the music, […]

PrayerWorks – Prayer Helps!

0815pri prayerworks

You get something you need every day… as you listen to KAVX. Christian teaching and talk programs make the day go better, keeps you informed, and strengthens your spirit. It’s difficult to put an exact number on how many receive ministry every day because not everyone lets us know. However the latest Ministry Report gives […]