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Your life is different! Your life has changed! Your attitude and the way you feel is better! Joy, hope, peace, and love are all present with you. It’s because you add KAVX to all the other positive Christian influences in your life, like church, prayer, Bible study, and devotion time with God. Do you believe […]

Greatest Love Story

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You receive Valentine cards, flowers, candy, and date nights – all meant to say “I love you” because February is typically the month of Love! But the Greatest Love Story wasn’t done with cards and flowers. It was done for you with God’s very own Son. God’s love letter to you is written in every […]

Sunday is Father’s Day!


Hey, Dad, is it really worth it? Colic Terrible 2’s Bicycle lessons Christmas packaging Mosquitoes on that camping trip Putting together playground equipment with no instructions Broken hearts Hormones Of course the answer is “YES!” Sure, you make mistakes, you don’t always have the answers. It’s okay, Dad, you make up for it with bear […]