Small Town America Tour

0824pri concert

Does Christian rock exist! While there may be a debate about it, Joseph Rojas the front man for 7th Day Slumber says it does! In fact it was through Christian rock that he was saved. And since 1999 over 100,000 have given their lives to Jesus at a 7th Day Slumber concert. And many of […]

Small Town America Tour


What can you expect from the Small Town America Tour Concert featuring Seventh Day Slumber? A family friendly concert where mom’s, dad’s and their kids can enjoy all kinds of music from rock to pop – all Christian – all positive! And a powerful message of the Gospel! The Small Town America Tour with Seventh […]

Tick, Tock!


Children and shoes walk hand in hand… or something like that. It really does make sense, though, and you can help make sure the two get together. You see, we already know that more than 2,000 kids are going to need new shoes when school starts in a couple of months. That’s why we’ve teamed […]