Giving and Celebrating Continue


What a fantastic Giving Celebration. In fact the giving AND celebrating continue! On the final morning, Michelle told the story of a business she has been praying for! “I’m praying with her because their business is suffering. It’s the worst it’s been in 24 years! So I tell her ‘Ok, I’m going to pray for […]

Step of Faith


Thank you for taking that step of faith during the Giving Celebration. The ministry you send abroad through KAVX each day only happens because of your support. When you called with your pledge, the business office prepared and sent you a letter that says “Thank You” for your involvement. It also shows the record of […]

Celebrating with Stories of Giving


Stories became the centerpiece of the Giving Celebration. Like the story from Arik. He really didn’t have the money but while listening to the Giving Celebration he heard the need for a $100. He stopped by the station and dropped off a $100 bill. Then he went to Lowe’s to get supplies for his building […]