Honor Mom

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Mom – She does so much. Make this mother’s day special with a personal greeting from you! Record your personal message to mom by calling the KAVX Storyline at 855 919 KAVX. Make sure you give your mom’s name, and yours if you’d like, and then share your very special message for your mom!. She’ll […]

Mom’s Day Giveaway


Congratulations to all of the winners.NOW, It’s time to announce … the Grand Prize winner and Two (2) Runner’s Up… 2nd runner up is Kelly of Nacogdoches winning a Mom’s Day gift pack worth over $200, including a foot spa and body set, a cd library, t-shirt, and Chick-fil-a coupons. 1st runner up is Misty […]

Mom’s Day Giveaway


She cooks! She cleans! She drives kids to school, hits the gym, does the grocery shopping,  picks up the dry cleaning, get’s the tires rotated, the oil changed, picks the kids up from school, prepares supper, cleans the house, and goes to bed by midnight so she can get up and do it again tomorrow! […]