Reasons to Listen!


Teaching and preaching programs. Talk shows from a Christian world view. Christ-centered! All good reasons to listen and support 91.9 KAVX. But the all time best reason is… YOURS! Here is what a listener recently said: We support Christian radio for a lot of reasons. We really enjoy it. I don’t like the foul language […]

Praise & Worship Changes Lives


A listener recently said… I’ve been listening for a couple of months. Your station is such a blessing. It’s touching my spirit continuously. Praise and Worship every weekend on 91.9 KAVX – a voice for Christ It’s inspiring! It will make your day! It will capture your heart. There’s a message of God’s love. There’s […]

How Does KAVX Change Your Life?


God changes lives Here is what some listeners had to say: “I listen to it every morning when I’m walking and it just encourages me!” “It gives me strength and courage to go another day and tell others what He has done!” “Every day you have people that are disgusted with life. All you have […]