The Community Impact Award goes to…


Finally the moment arrived. The room fell quiet as the announcements were made and the awards were given for the 2013 Community Impact Awards. Receiving the 2013 Community Impact award for Outstanding Business of the Year is University Rental in Nacogdoches. The Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year is Zavalla Area Ministries. Linda Smelly is the […]

It’s Time To Nominate


You know someone who make extraordinary differences in peoples lives and for the community you live in…It’s time to nominate then for the Community Impact Awards. A philanthropist is someone that gives of their own time and resources to help individuals, families, or an entire community. Dan Ellis was last year’s recipient of the Community […]

The Community’s Outstanding Individuals & Businesses


This area has one great, abundant resource – people! The people that call East Texas home are the most generous, giving, caring, unselfish in all of Texas. The 2012 Community Impact Awards spotlights some of the outstanding individuals in the area and the organizations they represent. The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year is Woody Harrison […]