Thank you for getting involved


You really blessed during Share-athon. You prayed. You called and gave. You prompted others to do the same. Together the goal was met EARLY on the final day of Share-athon. Keep listening for stories and thank you’s because of your involvement! Thank you again for your speedy response and for making changed lives a reality

Stories change lives


Whether you share about what God is doing in your church or family – it makes a difference. You never know if your story is the encouragement someone needs to hear. If you keep your story to yourself then God doesn’t get the credit. Your Story still changes lives. Your story is the best evidence […]


can we pray

Every day the staff visits the PrayerWorks page so each can pray for you. Your problems and troubles are important to everyone at KAVX. Every week your prayer needs are brought to a staff devotion and prayer time. That’s because what is important to you, is important to us. How would you like to be […]