School has started

0824ter school prayer

Another school year has begun. Whether your student is beginning kindergarten, is a senior in high school or a freshman in college – all need prayer! The staff and intercessors at KAVX would love the opportunity to pray for the students in your family. Prayer is also a necessity for the teachers, professors, principals, superintendents, […]

Prayerworks for Students

prayer in school

As school begins Prayerworks for students! And parents, teachers, and school officials. Pray for the new school year. Pray for the teachers. Visit Prayerworks and share the name of your school. And know your rights as a student when it comes to your religious freedom. Share your Prayer for a student, teacher, principal, superintendent, or […]

Summer’s Almost Over


It’s not going to be much longer now! Sure, the weather is still hot and the calendar only says August, but for children getting ready to go back to school summer is almost over! It won’t be long before you’ll be wrestling with other parents who are after school supplies just like you! Then football […]