0921sec reach 360

The world use to be a big place. There was a time it would take months to hear the news from half way around the world. Now it’s almost instantaneous. And reaching around the world with the Good News would involve men and women with months of training to be led to the missionary field. […]

Encourage someone to listen and support

0914pri encourage

Thank you for your support of Kavx. Your gift encourages others to also give. Whether you give $1000, $100, or $10 – your gift shares hope that changes lives. So. what would you say to someone to encourage their support? One listener said this: “First I would ask them if they listened to this radio […]

Praise & Prayer

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You often hear about the Prayerworks page. This ministry believes in the power of prayer. And the staff and intercessors are more than happy to pray for your needs. The week of Shareathon is going to begin with a special day of Praise & Prayer It’s an “open line” opportunity for you to call and […]