Give your God Story

1102ter God story

First – comes prayer! Next comes the answer to prayer! You might think that’s the end of it but there is one more step – the God story about that prayer. When you visit Prayerworks and give your prayer need, please remember to return and share your God story about the answer. Prayerworks and God […]

A Prayer for the Holidays


The holiday season is almost here and with it comes the grocery list, the menu list, things to do list, and wish lists! One other list your shouldn’t overlook is your prayer list. Visit Prayerworks and list your prayer needs. You can list your family members, friends, church, or coworkers.  

We’re Glad You’re Here!

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Whether you are listening on your radio, pc, or smartphone, Thank you for joining Shareathon! We are a listener supported ministry. That means more than 80% of our monthly operating budget comes from you and others who share your same love for Christian radio. And that’s where Shareathon comes in. It’s a real way to […]