Giving Back to Others

0924ter reach360 vets

Giving and sharing is part of being a Christian. Giving your time and effort! Sharing your talent and resources! At KAVX the idea of giving and sharing is heard during Shareathon. But did you know that every Shareathon 1% of your gift will be shared with another ministry. During the Fall Shareathon your Reach360 gift […]

You change lives and make stories!

0928pri story changed life

Everyone has a story to share. When you join the support team you provide hope that can lead to the story of another changed life. “I just remember one time I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a vehicle and I changed my radio. I’ve been listening since then!” You’re gift during Shareathon […]

A day of Praise & Prayer

0928ter praise and prayer

Sometimes you just have to be reminded about how wonderful it is just to sit back and praise God. Then there are times you have to stop what you’re doing and offer up a prayer. Next Monday is a day that will do both – allow you to praise God and offer up your prayer […]