Dr. Elisabeth Targ at California Pacific Medical center did a double-blind study with her AIDS patients. Born-again believers were asked to pray for some of the patients. Those that received prayer had 6 times fewer and shorter hospitalizations. In an interview with ABC News, Dr Targ said she was surprised and shocked. It’s a powerful […]



In 1988, cardiologist Dr. Randolph Byrd did a double-blind, scientific study using 393 patients. The patients nor the doctors knew they were being prayed for by a group of born again Christians for 10 months. Half of the patients were prayed for by the group. Those patients showed a better recovery rate, were less likely […]

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Christian teaching and talk on 91.9 KAVX – a voice for Christ It’s inspiring! It will make your day! It will capture your heart away from other types of programming. There’s a message of God’s love. There’s a message of God’s forgiveness. There’s a message of God’s faithfulness. God is using Christian music teaching and […]