A Simple Solution


There is a solution for discouragement that is so simple – you won’t believe it! Until you try it yourself. It’s easy and it’s free. Call your friends and share the victories in your life. Instead of putting your focus on your problems, talk about the ways you have seen God answer your prayers. Or […]

Changing Lives

avoiceforchrist copy

God is changing lives… right here in your community! He is doing it through YOU! You are connecting others to God. You are sharing hope, joy, and Love through Christian teaching and talk programs. But none of it could be done without you! Thank you for getting more involved with your time and prayers. Thank […]

Changing Lives


Your life is touched every day through KAVX. You are sharing hope, joy, and Love You are connecting you and your family to God. Lives are being changed because of your prayers and involvement. Thank you for praying for the ministry. Thank you for volunteering. Thank you for helping to reach out and touch more […]