Wow! Fantastic! AWESOME!!! That’s a few quotes from listeners, like you, that have won in the latest giveaway and have qualified for the Grand Prize! And another opportunity to hear a congratulations is coming up soon. Win instantly and qualify for a grand prize concert trip to Puerto Rico. Listen for the touchtones on 91.9 […]

30 Day Challenge


Administrative Asst. Terri recently shared her own 30 Day Challenge Story. She accidently came across KAVX when her regular radio station was off-the-air. She got up, retuned the radio, and sat back down. After a few minutes she realized it was Christian radio. She has been listening ever since. Challenge your family and friends to […]

Don’t Snooze!


You know that feeling when you clock radio goes off and you hit the snooze button. …And hit it again. …And… again! Then you realize after the 8th time that you only have 5 minutes to get up, get ready, and get going. Like a snooze button, you’ve been putting off reserving your table or […]