Reasons to Give


There are 1000’s of reasons why you should support Christian radio. It wakes you up in the morning. It cheers you up on a bad day. Perhaps you called and received prayer Maybe you like to minister to other who can’t afford to give! You really don’t need a thousand reasons to support. You only […]



Every calendar notes special days. Valentine’s Day , Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July just to name a few When you get a new calendar you begin to fill in your special dates; birthday’s, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Every year there are 8 special days that celebrate God’s work through KAVX It’s Praise […]

Thank you for getting involved


You really blessed during Share-athon. You prayed. You called and gave. You prompted others to do the same. Together the goal was met EARLY on the final day of Share-athon. Keep listening for stories and thank you’s because of your involvement! Thank you again for your speedy response and for making changed lives a reality