World’s Smallest Carolers


It’s just about that time! Time to sign up your 4 to 8 year old as a World’s Smallest Caroler! On Tuesday, November 1st , sign up your children as a World’s Smallest Caroler. Only 31 are needed, with a few alternates. The recording session is the next Saturday, November 5th. Plus you have an […]

A Sounds of Christmas Weekend

1123pri sounds

The Christmas music you’ve been waiting for begins this weekend! The Sounds of Christmas is Christmas music that you will enjoy! Inspirational music about the Birth of the Savior. Songs about family and friends. Fun songs about sleigh rides and chestnuts. Enjoy the Sounds of Christmas with your family and friends by inviting them to […]

Sounds of Christmas Sponsorships

1116sec sounds

There’s one fellow that wants you to forget about Thanksgiving. It’s ol’ Tom Turkey. Tom would like for you to think about the Sounds of Christmas instead. He’d like for you to tell everyone in your family and all your friends about the Sounds of Christmas. Invite them all to listen the weekend after Thanksgiving! […]