What Does KAVX Mean to You?

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Listen to what listeners are saying about KAVX. It releases the Gospel message into area where there may be spiritual darkness. People are living in a dark world and they are seeking somebody to say to them, “It’s going to be okay!” Turning on the radio and hearing the word of God is a powerful […]

Honor Dad


If your dad likes fishing or hunting, then he’s really going to like hearing how much you love him! This Father’s Day weekend, your Dad Story will be heard. Just call the Storyline and share a short message about or for your dad. 855 919 KAVX Or write your story here.

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day weekend is a special time on 91.9 KAVX. Thank you for calling and sharing those tender moments and precious thoughts about your mom, wife, grandmother, God-mother, mother-in-law; basically any mother figure in your life. All weekend long your mom and family will be able to hear your tribute. It’s what makes Mother’s Day […]