A Story worth Sharing


Amazing things happen in your life and you know its God. It becomes a story worth sharing. Your testimony encourages, gives hope, and helps others to believe all things are possible. Although KAVX takes your testimony any time, any day, next Monday let’s  honor God with a special day set aside just to share your […]

Who wants to help?

0912pri who wants to help

There is a volunteer ministry position for you at KAVX. Krew member, Sharon had this to say about her experience. I have been listening for about 15 years. A few years after I started listening I decided to volunteer for Shareathon. Because I worked full time I had to volunteer from 6am to 8am. It […]


0905sec volunteer

Why do you volunteer with KAVX? A long time supporter and volunteer, Dyan, shares why she chooses the radio ministry to support all year long… “Listening has changed my life in such a positive way. Listening fills me with the Spirit.  I’m truly grateful for the on-air personalities that always inspire me, keep me informed […]