Sharing is Caring!

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God cares for you! His word says, “I will never leave you or forsake you!” If you have a story about God’s care for you then share it. Your story can give someone hope! Your story can encourage another! Your story shows that you care! So… would you care to share your story? 855 919 […]

Your Story!

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There is something encouraging about listening to someone else sharing their testimony. Sometimes you can relate and other times you just listen in amazement. Your story has the ability to do both – relate and amaze. Your story can also encourage and bless. Share your story today by calling 855 919 KAVX.

Why Do You…?


“I’d have to say you encourage so many people there.” There are many reasons to listen and support. “When I’m down and out the Lord uses you to lift us up. It’s amazing how God uses you in our lives… in my life!” Your reason encourages others to also listen and be lifted up. So, […]