Giving Back to Others

0924ter reach360 vets

Giving and sharing is part of being a Christian. Giving your time and effort! Sharing your talent and resources! At KAVX the idea of giving and sharing is heard during Shareathon. But did you know that every Shareathon 1% of your gift will be shared with another ministry. During the Fall Shareathon your Reach360 gift […]

You change lives and make stories!

0928pri story changed life

Everyone has a story to share. When you join the support team you provide hope that can lead to the story of another changed life. “I just remember one time I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a vehicle and I changed my radio. I’ve been listening since then!” You’re gift during Shareathon […]

The Goal

0921pri goal

You may think the goal of Shareathon is $6,600 a month. You are partially right about that, at least from a financial standpoint. But the goal is much more than money. It’s about connect people to a real and loving God through Christian radio and on-line streaming. It’s about prayer. It’s about helping meet the […]