Valentine’s Day


You will soon have an opportunity to make Valentine’s special for someone else. February is a great time to share love with those who might feel left out! Be listening for some creative ways you and your family can share God’s love next month! And you will soon realize what this form is all about! […]

The Community Impact Award goes to…


Finally the moment arrived. The room fell quiet as the announcements were made and the awards were given for the 2013 Community Impact Awards. Receiving the 2013 Community Impact award for Outstanding Business of the Year is University Rental in Nacogdoches. The Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year is Zavalla Area Ministries. Linda Smelly is the […]

Volunteer some time


You can help! There are some volunteer needs coming up. You could join The Krew and staff for the Texas State Forest Festival, Sept 18-22. The Fall Share-athon is on the calendar for October 15-17. And there are others ways you can help. Call Jenn for details at 800 944 8443.