Cities are Listening!

1116pri cities

Your support allows this ministry to stream to computers, tablets, and smartphones all over Texas, the United States, and the world! The latest streaming report shows listeners in motor city – Detroit, Michigan, and the home of the Raider’s, Oakland, California. From the hometown of Elvis, Memphis Tennessee to the mile high city of Denver […]

Reaching the World

1109sec reaching countries

Listening online is a wonderful way for you to keep connected to God through KAVX. You can enjoy the teaching and talk programs wherever you may be! But did you also know that many others are connected to God the same way? KAVX is heard by listeners in countries around the world. Countries like Germany, […]

Reach Beyond


You are changing lives online. Modern communication channels make it possible to take the gospel pretty much anywhere, even into areas where missionaries can’t go or traditional broadcast media blocked. Your support of KSWP/KAVX also supports Journey of Hope, sending the Gospel streaming to some of the poorest parts of the world. Internet cafes and […]