You Make A Difference

imageYou make a difference every moment and hour of everyday! How you ask?

If you share your time, talents and/or treasure with what God is doing, you make a difference! Wow! You can Celebrate that! Your gifts and time volunteering allow KSWP and KAVX to do tomorrow what we did today…and every day.

Have you ever been listening to either KSWP or KAVX on a tough day and heard just the right song or word at just the right moment to encourage you?

So many of you tell us they’ve had that experience, and every time it’s exciting to see God working! One listener wrote:

God is good! I know you hear that often but I now KNOW it’s true! I heard a simple message last year on KAVX, although I don’t remember which program it was… I now know that while I feel like I am not deserving of any answered prayers, because it’s about Jesus and not me, miracles have happened! Thank you, those of you who prayed on my behalf at KAVX. I do NOT have cancer, God has touch and mended broken relationships, perfect college opportunities for my son….. This has been a tremendous faith booster for me! Praise and thanks to God!

If you know the sense of assurance, I’m sure you can understand how the words would bring this couple to tears and pull them closer to God:

“And now I live!
With the Spirit inside
The same One
The very same One
Who brought the Son back to life”

“You are I Am” was on the air when that couple needed it because friends like you pray and give to support KSWP or KAVX. But countless other people across the East Texas & West Louisiana areas still need to hear the right words at the right time.

Your gift right now will open the door for God to work in more lives through the uplifting music of KSWP or the spoken word is KAVX. May we count on you?

Together in Christ,

Al Ross
General Manager