Your Investment

0220ter your investmentGod deserves all glory and honor for the celebration that happens every spring.

A celebration to honor His people… His ministry… His provisions.

As one of His chosen people, you invest in healing the lost, broken and down hearted through hope and encouragement.

Recently a letter arrived with this in the body?

I want to thank you for giving this world a brighter place to go to listen to the music you plan and the preaching I get to hear!

It has changed my life. But more importantly, my Lord and Savior has done it all!

PraiseHim and give Him thanks. Please continue to bless all of us with your encouragement every day!


God makes it all possible. But you become the means He uses to make it happen.

Your investment during the Spring Shareathon, shares hope that changes lives for eternity.

Shareathon – March 28th, 29th, and 30th on KAVX.