Your Listening Story

0118sec listening storyDo you remember the first time you found KAVX? Were you scanning the radio dial and heard a ministry program that sparked your interest?

Did you see a billboard driving down the road or bumper sticker on the back of car at a red light and you were curious about the radio ministry.

Were you listening in December to hear Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit?

Maybe you took the 30 Day Challenge and listened for 30 days straight in January like so many are doing right now!

Call and share your story of your first time to listen.

855 919 5289. How did you begin listening? 855 919 KAVX.

Please share your 30 Day Challenge story.

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Tell about your experience with the 30 Day Challenge?
You could share why you took the challenge, how it changed your life or ministered to you, and how it changed others you knew were taking the challnege.

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