Your Personal 30-Day Challenge

Your Personal 30-Day ChallengeRecently a listener told us, “I accidentally just turned on to it one day when I was so not in such a good place.”

When you take the 30-day challenge and listen to nothing but KAVX, it changes your life.

“Then I couldn’t turn it off. It just really helped me and in a bad, bad time.”

The 30-day challenge connects you to a real and loving God!

So what is a good reason for you to take the 30-day Challenge and listen to nothing but KAVX?

“It gives you peace and comfort and helps lift you out of the bad times in your life and let you know that God is still there with you no matter what you’re going through.”

Take the 30 Day Challenge.

Even when you might not be thinking about God- He’s still there.”

And the radio station it just comes on at various, different times you turn it on and it’s just exactly what you need to hear you know to help you deal with life issues

Make a personal commitment to listen to KAVX for the next 30 days.

Please fill out the form so we will know you are taking the 30 Day Challenge.

You can also share your prayer need for what is "weighing" you down.

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