Your Support – Making a Difference

Your SupportYour support keeps Christian programming flowing into homes, businesses, and cars across the area… and across the world through on-line listening.

It means so much those seeking His grace; to those needing prayer and to those needing hope, joy, and Love.

But do you know what your gift can mean to YOU?

Here is a testimony from a listener:

I’m going through a really difficult time last January and God just taught me so much. You know! Even the words that all of you speak when you talk about different things. There are so many days that I’d be listening and it would just hit so close to home.

That’s not an isolated testimony, another listener had this to say:

Every time I turn on the radio, it is just what I need. I was praying in my car the other day and I didn’t have the radio on and I said, “God you know what I need to hear right now so I’m going to turn the radio on and I know you’re going to have something for me!” So I turn the radio on and it was exactly what I needed to hear. At first, I was kind of surprised and shocked and I thought you know that’s just my God and that’s how he rolls.

What a blessing to connect others to a real and loving God – making a difference.

It’s a great feeling!

Thank you for your prayers and gifts!

God has amazing things planned for 2018.

Make your plans to experience it for yourself!

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